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Coastal Interior Design Style

Inspired by the beach and the ocean

Interior design photo a living room with coastal style

Exploring Coastal Style: Colors, Textures, and More

Coastal interior design evokes the breeziness of the beach and the serenity of the sea. It's a style that creates a calm, relaxed, and light environment reminiscent of a serene coastal setting. In this article, we delve into the essential elements of coastal interior design, focusing on colors, textures, and the overall atmosphere that defines this beloved style.


The color palette of coastal design is inspired by the beach and the ocean. It primarily features light, airy hues paired with bold, natural colors. Key elements include:

  • Soft Whites: The foundation of coastal design, soft whites mimic sandy beaches and create a bright, open feel.
  • Blues: From sky blue to navy, blue tones reflect the various shades of the ocean.
  • Greens: Green accents, inspired by coastal flora, add a touch of natural vibrancy.
  • Neutral Tones: Beiges, grays, and wood tones bring in the earthy elements of driftwood and rocks.


Texture plays a crucial role in coastal interior design, adding depth and interest to the serene color palette. Key textures include:

  • Natural Fibers: Jute, rattan, and wicker introduce an organic, rustic feel, reminiscent of beachside elements.
  • Soft Fabrics: Linen and cotton in soft whites and neutrals add a breezy, light touch to upholstery and window treatments.
  • Weathered Wood: Furniture and accents in weathered or whitewashed wood echo the patina of seaside docks and driftwood.
  • Stone and Glass: Accessories in clear glass, sea glass, and smooth stone pay homage to the coastal landscape.

Overall Atmosphere

The coastal interior design style aims to create a space that feels open, airy, and light-filled. Windows are often left bare or dressed in sheer fabrics to let in natural light and offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. Space is organized in a way that promotes relaxation and comfort, with plush seating, cozy nooks, and plenty of room to breathe. The overall effect is one of tranquility and simplicity, inviting the calmness of the coastal lifestyle indoors.

In summary, coastal interior design captures the essence of the beach and the serenity of the sea. Through a thoughtful blend of colors, textures, and an emphasis on natural light and space, this style creates a peaceful retreat that feels both refreshing and timeless. Whether you live by the water or simply crave a slice of coastal calm, incorporating elements of coastal design can transform your home into a serene sanctuary.

Images of coastal interiors often feature light-filled rooms, soft fabrics, and natural elements that emphasize the unique beauty of this design style.