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Cookies Policy

On our website, we leverage cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device, enabling us to gather insights into how you interact with our website.

We deploy cookies to augment site functionality, ensuring smoother and more efficient navigation. Additionally, cookies help us gather statistical insights regarding site usage, allowing us to tailor content more effectively to our users' preferences.

Should you prefer not to have cookies placed on your device, you have the option to modify your browser settings to either block or remove cookies. It's important to note, though, that opting to block cookies might impact your overall site experience and functionality. Here are the types of cookies we utilize:

  • Essential Cookies: 'vsdeco_cookie_consent' (Retains your cookie preferences. Crucial for the website to function correctly).
  • Analytics Cookies: '_gsas', '_ga_WXEWXCPLLQ', '_ga' (Utilized for analytical purposes, these cookies help us understand user behavior, aiding in the enhancement of our website. They do not collect personally identifiable information, ensuring your browsing habits remain anonymous).

Our commitment is to transparently inform you about how we use cookies to improve your visit and the services we offer. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure a secure and enjoyable online experience.